MSpaceSurvey is a product that enables every organization to get feedback from the customer concerning any survey that they want to undertake. It is a forward way of transmitting messages to and from mobiles. MSpaceSURVEY is a product enhanced in providing interactive platform system to any organization


An account purposely for this product will be set to the organization, then the client will be logging in to the portal to view the automatically responded received SMS and respond to the open SMS tasks.When they want to view and respond to code SMS one can simply log in to our SMS portal using a user name and a password that has been provided.

The organization sends the bulk SMS to the target audience group and the recipients replies to the short code texts.


  • Its easy to administer since you just send an SMS to your target audience’s phone to initiate the survey.

  • Its most convenient since your users can choose to answer the questionnaire when and where it is most suitable to them.

  • The data is collected in real time and results are analysed instantly.

  • It increases customer engagement since personalized messages can be tailored to meet respondents need based on their history.

  • One is able to reach a wide range of consumers who use mobile phones, since SMS has emerged to be the fastest and simplest way to communicate.

MSpaceSurvey Service pricing


  • Authorization letter for short code creation – should be signed and stamped and in letter head
  • Two weeks to set up.
  • Fees;
    1. Set up fee – KES 20,000 + VAT (one off)
    2. Monthly fee - KES 5000 [0-2000 Respondents]


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