Short code Service

Dedicated Short Code

Short Code is a 5-digit number, easy to remember that allows incoming communication from unknown lead. It is a service used for customers, prospects and organization audience to contact the company. It is an interactive service between the customers and the company.

Short code is a tool used for marketing, it has been proven as a success in the lead collection for marketing department.

Short code is set up per network.

What are the uses?

  • Enquire for more information about services
  • Register for a promotion or event
  • Request a call-back
  • Receive a mobile coupon or discount voucher
  • Make a mobile SMS donation to charity
  • Get customers feedback
  • Request statements
  • Register a vote or take part in a poll / survey


  • Easy to remember and memorize
  • Can be automated with systems to give instant and accurate replies to queries
  • Has an instant return receipt on request.
  • Lead Collection Tool: It increases collection of database whereby those who send the messages become potential clients.
  • Auto Response: Due to the large number of people sending messages, responding to each one of them may be cumbersome; therefore auto response ensures all the recipients get feedback.
  • Dedicated short code brings in more clients and ensures there is no loss of lead.
  • Short code data can be imported or downloaded to the excel sheet and thereafter used for bulk SMS campaign.

SHORT CODE Service pricing


Dedicated Short-Code

  1. Setup: One-off Ksh 15,000 +vat per network. Amount is required in advance
  2. Monthly Rental: Ksh 15,000 +vat per network
  3. Monthly maintenance: Nil

Shared Short-Code

  1. Setup: One-off Ksh 2,500 +vat per network. Amount is required in advance
  2. Monthly Rental: Ksh 2,500 +vat per network
  3. Monthly maintenance: Nil


  1. Takes 1 week for Safaricom to activate
  2. Initial payments
  3. Authorization letter from organization.
  4. Client to send list of preferred short code numbers to check availability with Safaricom. Once we get confirmation from Safaricom on which are available, client can select one from that list.


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