mpesa intergration/automation


MSpacePESA is an instant payment notification product that helps customer receive a real time confirmation SMS from the organization (with Sender Address). This product is integrated with the organization financial database to post and confirm payments from Mpesa in real time and accurately. Thus, the employees get to concentrate with the core duty of revenue creation. MSpacePESA automates and manages pay bill collection accounts in real time.


  • Fully Automated system
  • No human interaction
  • Real time posting of the transaction to the financial systems
  • Customers are up to date with their accounts
  • Reduced customer service work load
  • Saving customer time and money
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Can handle unlimited number of transaction
  • Accuracy assured
  • Cost savings
  • Real time reports
  • Reduced fraud

MSpacePESA Service pricing

  1. Transactions worth Ksh 1 to Ksh 3,000 will be charged at 1% of the amount per transaction whereas, transactions worth 3001 and above will be charged Ksh 30 per transaction. The charge will be catered by the organization and invoiced at the end of the month.
    TransactionAmount Charges
    1 – 3000 1%
    3001 – AboveKes 30
  2. Set up costs + VAT (one off)
  3. Sender ID costs – NIL


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